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The Small Print

It's dark out on the Street.

This website (Crossed Swords) and all its contents are Copyright © 2003-2005 by Ryan A. Span. All rights reserved.
Many thanks to Liptak Laszlo, Robert Mansperger and Alistair Murphy for making it possible, and to Jason Petrasko for previously hosting the site.


Crossed Swords: What's Gone Before

This page covers my publishing history, both fiction and freelance. I've done everything from fiction to print RPG material to technical documentation to computer game design, and I'm always looking for more work. If you're interested in employing me, I'll consider most any kind of writing in a variety of genres. Please refer to my Contact Information.

Published credits:

Writer/Designer, Mount&Blade, Taleworlds (03/2008 -- 06/2008)

Author, Street: Empathy
ISBN 10: 0-9795738-3-1
ISBN 13: 978-0-9795738-3-5

Lead Writer & Designer, UFO: Alien Invasion v2.1, v2.1.1, v2.2, v2.2.1, v2.3, UFO: Alien Invasion

Fiction (Due West), Book of Jalan, Flyingmice LLC

Fiction (The Washington Herald), Cold Space, Flyingmice LLC

Fiction, FTL Now, Flyingmice LLC

Fiction (Dragon On The Sea), In Harm's Way, Flyingmice LLC

Fiction (The Legendary Par N'thol's Journal: The Great Dourgal Coup), Undiscovered Q&A #4, Eilfin Publishing

From a review by Gaming Report:

Going along with the Dwarven adventure, the Journal provides the diary of a great hero of the elder times and the great city which he built. This was awesome. Not simply a dry detailing of history, but a detailed 'in-character' diary of the cities' growth and the coup which almost topples the rightful dwarven king. The story is so engrossing that its worth the price of admission alone.

Additional Writing, Promised Sands, BBRACK Productions Inc.

Technical Writing (Documentation Mount&Blade module system), Mount&Blade, Taleworlds (05/2006 -- 10/2006)

Writing (The Black Duke), Pulp Villains, Politically Incorrect Games

Lead Writer & Developer, Storymod, Mount&Blade

Lead Developer, Craftmod Community Expansion Project, Mount&Blade

Unpublished credits:

Creator, PSI Storm CG, Flyingmice LLC

Written Storyline & Editing, Chaostle, Chivalry Games (previously Chivalry Consulting)

Published credits are publicly released and available products. Unpublished credits are as-yet-unreleased projects I've worked on, but which are still slated for future publication.


This is me at the Temple of Doom.

For a quick introduction, I'm Ryan. I'm 26 years old, currently living in 4 different countries at once. The things I do for fun include generous use of sarcasm, fencing (foil, mostly), gaming (PC gaming forever), and reading.
I'm a writer at heart. It's what I do. Science-fiction is my preferred genre, but you can find me writing anything as long as there's an element of the scientific or fantastical to it.