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What is Crossed Swords?
It is the official site of Ryan A. Span; novelist and freelance RPG writer.

Crossed Swords is my little corner of the web, dedicated to my writing and -- to a lesser extent -- to the person who writes it. My main pursuit is science-fiction novels, but I'm also active within the gaming industry as a freelancer. There's even an RPG of mine in the works, called Tempest, slated to be published by Better Mousetrap Games.

More info about me and my working past is contained in my CV. Stories and writing samples can be found under Works. The Links section leads to the pages of my friends and associates, and my Contact Information is available to anyone who wants to hail me. Regular news updates are displayed below.

Please keep in mind, everything in these pages is copyrighted. Unauthorised use of content (i.e. without explicit approval) is prohibited. Believe it or not, on the internet, some people actually steal stories and try to get credit for them. What a bunch of brain surgeons.

News -- 15-04-2008

Oi, I've neglected this page! Lots of things have been happening, I've just not bothered to write them down. Well, time to change that.

In the category of Things that have Happened, we have:

My debut novel, Street: Empathy, first in the Street series, is published in print! See the website for details.

An interview about my work with UFO: Alien Invasion.

Speaking of UFO:AI, version 2.2 was released a while ago with more of my work in it, and 2.2.1 is upcoming soon.

And even more stuff that I'm not at liberty to discuss just now. Either way, it's beem busy, and I'll certainly try to keep this place updated.

Old News

UFO: Alien Invasion Version 2.1 has been released. Nearly all the written text in the game was done by me, and I'm very happy with the work and excited about the release. Give it a try, you won't regret it!

I've moved Crossed Swords to a brand new hosting plan, and simultaneously launched a new free-to-read serial story online, updated once per week on sundays. Street is a lovely bit of cyberpunk that I've grown quite fond of, and am going to enjoy developing over the next few months.

Continuing my growing computer game experience, I have been appointed Lead Story Developer of the upcoming UFO: Alien Invasion. You will be able to see my work as of version 2.1 of the game. CV has been updated accordingly.

Flyingmice LLC has published the science-fiction RPG FTL Now, the sequel to the acclaimed Cold Space RPG, based on the popular StarCluster 2 system. FTL Now features a large piece of original fiction written by me. Also, I've been hired by Taleworlds Inc. to write the official documentation for the module system of Mount&Blade, a computer game of medieval carnage. CV has been updated accordingly.

Flyingmice LLC has finished the science-fiction RPG Cold Space, based on the popular StarCluster 2 system. It also sports a full piece of original fiction written by myself. CV has been updated accordingly.

Today, Flyingmice LLC is releasing the magnificent Book of Jalan, featuring my fiction, written especially for the book. CV has been updated with a new entry, and a free sample is available in Works.

Eilfin Publishing has at last released Undiscovered Q&A #4, which features my story The Great Dourgal Coup. CV has been updated with the new release.

Politically Incorrect Games has released the free PDF Pulp Villains, a set of antagonists for Two-Fisted Tales pulp adventures. It includes my villain, the Black Duke, complete with awesome character image. CV has been updated to reflect this new release.

Crossed Swords has moved to new hosting, provided by the marvellous Jason Petrasko, and a new domain name. Say hello to!